COMMON QUESTION - KiCoworking Space | Không gian làm việc chung đầy sáng tạo và hứng khởi


1What are membership’s interests at KiCoworking Space ?
- You can come here to work anytime you want (as we open 24/7)
- You can use the meeting room for free for the first 24 hours, then for the next hours you will receive a 30% discount.
- You will be provided with free coffee and free Internet service.
- You will have access to our KiCo community
- You will receive privileges from KiCo’s partners
- You can join any event at KiCo for free
- The receptionist will help you send and receive packages
- You can use private locker and have access to modern resting room
- You can use the printing service.
- We will support you in registering business.
2When can I work at KiCo ?
KiCoworking Space opens 24/7, thus you can arrive to work at KiCo anytime you want.
3What is the requirement to use KiCoworking’s offices ?
- If you already are a registered member, you will be provided with a membership card to have access to those offices.
- If you are a customer, the receptionists will help you.
4How many services does KiCoworking provide ?
At the moment we are currently providing these following services:
- Hourly plan, daily plan and monthly plan for flexible seat
- Monthly plan for fixed seat
- Private office (with various sizes to choose)
- Virtual office
- Event space
5How can I sign up to become a member ?
You can go to our front-desk to register and make your purchase, or you can send an email to, we will contact you back.
6Can I use the meeting room? What is the rental of a meeting room ?
As a member of KiCoworking, you can use the meeting room for free for the first 24 hours, and for the following hours you will have a 30% discount.
7What makes KiCoworking Space different ?
Not only do we provide a professional working place for companies and startups, but we also have a creative environment that inspires you to boost your productivity and improve your performance.
8How is the Internet speed at KiCo ?
We provide you with the highest Internet speed with 4 different Internet service providers, using LeasedLine, FTTH along with VNPT, NETNAM, CMC and HTC to satisfy all customers’ need.
9Where can I find information of events that are held at KiCo ?
All of our members will receive the information of events at KiCoworking through email, website and facebook groups.
10How much does it cost to use the resting room ?
If you already are a member of KiCo, you can use the resting room for free.
11Does KiCo support delivery service ?
For the virtual office service, we will help you send and receive packages.
12If I am a member of KiCoworking Space, do I have my own locker ?
Yes. This service applies for customers who book our monthly plan.