MEETING SPACE - KiCoworking Space | Không gian làm việc chung đầy sáng tạo và hứng khởi


The most professional meeting rooms with modern space and all the convenient facilities in Hanoi

KiCoworking - Modern rooms particularly designed for meeting and training/teaching session.

We provide you with the most convenient facilities and technology to boost your productivity and improve your performance at work. We have different rooms equivalent to the number of people participating.
There are rooms for group of 5-6 people
There are rooms for group of 7-30 people

Kicoworking Space - Professional meeting rooms

One of the TOP 10 most convenient Coworking spaces in Hanoi

Modern style and distinctive ergonomics

- Wide and elegant space
- Simple and easy booking
- Sufficient facilities for a modern meeting room: TV and Printer
- High-end HDMI connector
- Free, unlimited coffee and tea

Experience memorable moment at KiCoworking Space