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KiCoworking Space is the key project invested by KiCo Joint Stock Company with the total area of 1405m2 and is one of the largest coworking spaces in Hanoi.
KiCoworking offers companies and individuals an opportunity to experience one of the most creative and modern working environment in Vietnam with reasonable price. Furthermore, KiCoworking Space promises to become a convenient working place to inspire startups, especially startups that focus on technology. This is a great place for every startup out there to gather, to work, to come up with ideas and to develop.
About this project, Mr. Kien Trung Nguyen - Founder of KiCo Joint Stock Company claims that KiCoworking Space is our highest invested project, equipped by high quality and modern facilities. Our creative environment will provide your companies with amazing experiences while working here.
KiCoworking is gradually building a complete “ecosystem” to guide Vietnamese startups to reach further, to support them connect with investors, in order to create a strong community and build a bond with universal startup communities.
According to specialists, KiCoworking is opening up a tremendous opportunity to reach out to investors, as well as to connect, to share experience with other developing startups around the world.